Jaguar Road

Two Countries in One day

Brazilian Falls by bike

Full day Iguazu Challenge

Jaguar Road

This is our new ride that takes place exclusively within the Iguazu National Park by a dirt road. (RN 101 and old entrance to the Iguazú Falls). It is 15 kilometres away from Puerto Iguazú, close to the International Airport and the Iguazú National Park entrance.

What we do during this tour? Our idea is to show the wildest bike ride in this region and offer the experience to be exploring the jungle. Very early in the morning or late in the afternoon there are high possibilities to see birds, small mammals, butterflies and insects. Also is possible to discover differents types of trees and plants. This is the territory of the biggest predator in America, our "Tigre criollo" called Jaguar. We were so lucky to spot this amazing animal more than 15 times in the last 10 years. Pumas and others small predators share the same area . This road It is used by local farmers to transport their products, also tourist and local people to do business or visit relatives. The guide will stopping in different wild spots. Animal tracks are easy to see on the wet soil .

Difficulty: Médium

Camino del Yaguarete

Pick up:

Summer: 6 am   ||   Winter: 7:30

Duration: 3:30 hs. (Taking into account pick up of the passenger with a transfer of 1 hour in total)

Kms. to cycle: We are 2 and a half hours on the trails. No entrance fee to the park is required.
Bicicletas MTB, casco y guantes. Traslado.

Agua. | Evitar el uso de ropa Blanca

Two Countries in One day

This experience that unites Argentina and Paraguay begins in Selva Iriapú, a sector where hotels and Guarani Native communities coexist. Without a doubt, the Guarani culture has its great imprint on this region, which we will be able to appreciate on this tour.

After crossing jungle trails, we headed to the Port to take the raft to our brother country. First we must carry out the corresponding customs procedures, to get on the raft that navigates the Iguazú River, and that will also cross the Paraná River, the second most important in South America. Once the entrance to Paraguay has been made, the challenge of crossing the small town of President Franco will continue, to enjoy a traditional lunch in the park that protects Salto Monda-y.

Upon returning we will make a stop at the Paraguayan Landmark, to appreciate the framework of the three countries.

What includes?

  • The tickets to cross by raft.
  • Entrance to Salto Monda-y Park. Salto Monda-y.
  • Water and Lunch


Medium-High,with many ups and downs.
In Paraguay, traffic is very fluid, and a good command of the bicycle is necessary to explore its streets and avenues.


6 hours approximately depending on the level of the cyclist.

We do not go out on Sundays since the raft does not operate..
The tour requires Customs procedures in each country visited, so it is recommended to verify the need to have a Visa for Paraguay. A valid document or passport is always necessary.

Bike Distance: 30 km.

Brazilian Falls by bike

We start this bike ride from Puerto Iguazú, passing by the Argentinean customs, then the International Tancredo Neves bridge and the Brazilian customs over a tarmac route, with many ups and down hills. The idea is to reach the first panoramic view of the Iguazú Falls by bike. Then the guide and clients can enjoy the catwalks, also can have lunch and time to recover. After that we take again the route to come back to Argentina.

Does not include: Lunch and Park entrance.

Difficulty: High | Duration: 7 hs.

What includes?

  • Agua y Snacks. Bicicleta, casco, guantes, guía profesional.



This circuit is exclusively for the cycling public since we cross several kilometers of asphalt with high traffic.

The tour requires hacer los Customs formalities in the country visited, so it is recommended to verify the need to have a Visa for Brazil, if applicable. Siempre It is always necessary to have a valid document or passport.

Bike Distance: 53 km.

Iguazú Challenge

Desde Puerto Iguazú salimos muy temprano hacia la ruta 101, un camino de tierra colorada que atraviesa el Parque Nacional Iguazú donde tenemos la posibilidad de ver aves y disfrutar de la belleza escénica de la selva subtropical o Mata Atlántica.

Luego de realizar algunas paradas interpretativas, llegamos hasta la Península de Andresito y tomamos un desayuno ligero. Nos trasladamos a un puerto natural y desde allí navegamos unas 3 horas aproximadamente dependiendo del caudal del río. Una vez realizada la navegación nos dirigimos en vehículo al Lodge. Allí recorremos unos 6 km en bicicleta donde la selva se compone de Palo Rosa, Palmitos y Bambú nativo, en un sendero circular con vistas al río.

Finalmente almorzamos en Surucuá Lodge, tomamos un descanso para luego regresar a Puerto Iguazú.

Podemos adaptar los horarios y el orden de actividades a la época del año y sus temperaturas.

Qué incluye?: Traslados, agua, snacks, frutas, desayuno liviano y almuerzo de dos pasos con bebida sin alcohol. 

Km. recorridos en vehículo, 140 km en total. Mínimo 2 personas por salida. Mayores de 10 años.



Difficulty: Médium | Duration: 12 hs.

Km bike routes: 6 km. | Km navigation: 7 km.

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