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Iguazú Bike Tours, a company that provides active tourism services, is authorized to operate in the province of Misiones and the Iguazú National Park, with current civil liability and personal accident insurance, emergency protocol and trained personnel to carry out the service known as guided bicycle rides, makes this informed consent available to the passenger, to carry out the activity since I, the passenger, declare to have reliably informed the company of any pre-existing pathologies or indications that advise against the practice of the activity provided; I have the clothing and personal equipment reported; I understand that no previous knowledge is required to carry out this activity, and I express my willingness to participate in the mandatory talk at the beginning of the service to review characteristics and safety information regarding the activity.

I declare that my participation is voluntary, and understand that it is an activity in a natural environment, with communication and access difficulties, committing the provider to adopt the prevention and security measures appropriate to the specific circumstances.

I declare that I know that the activity in which I will be participating takes place in uneven terrains, subject to climatic contingencies that may cause its suspension even during its development and that my participation implies a physical activity that entails foreseeable risks such as muscle fatigue, sun exposure, dehydration, falls causing contusions, minor cuts and scrapes, itching and burning from insect bites and other species of plants or animals.

I agree to respect respect the guide's directives and to keep him or her informed about my personal condition, as well as to keep up with the rest of the group; to make responsible use of the material and equipment provided by the company; not to generate waste and to take care of the natural and cultural heritage during the activity, as well as direct any subsequent communication to

I have had enough time to read this document and do not have any further questions to ask the company's staff. I give my digital consent.

For Minors Younger Than 18 Years Old

Parents/legal representatives or guardians/relatives of minors younger than 18 years old must complete the following question with the name of the minor or authorize the company to guide them without their respective guardians.


Use of images and voices (art 53 CCyC)

I authorize the reproduction of my image and voice, in any way that is done only for the promotional purposes of the company.