Iguazú Challenge -SSee Photos
This is an adventure for bike lovers, starting out from Puerto Iguazú and crossing one of the most biodiverse and challenging environments in Argentina; the highly endangered “Paranaense Rainforest”.

Tour description:
Ride along more than 40 km of red soil including spectacular downhills, views of the surrounding habitat including the spectacular jaguars and toucans.

Here you can:

Enjoy the privilege of crossing a National Park on mountain bike.
Come into close contact with the natural environment around you.
Observe signs of large mammals and a great chance to see them.
Feel the adrenaline of riding endless slopes.
Marvel at the giants of the forest emerging from the upper strata

When is the best time to do this trip?

It is best to start early, ideally at sunrise after a good breakfast. We recommend you wear appropriate clothing for cyclists. Depending on the season, long or short trousers with sheepskin will be best.

Gloves and goggles are also suggested to ensure a safer and more comfortable ride
  Difficulty: Medium with some steep slopes.
Duration: 4 hours.
Departure: morning from 5:30 am in Summer / 7 am in winter
  Note: This tour includes transportation by car to Route 101 that crosses the Iguazú National Park. And also Transportation back to the hotel!!
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